About Us

Magic's Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue based out of Buffalo, NY that works to save vulnerable dogs from abuse, neglect, and kill shelters. We are a 100% foster-run rescue and do not have a physical shelter. Our dogs reside in foster homes all across upstate NY (Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and surrounding areas).


Our mission is to promote:

  • The adoption of dogs in need, including senior and special needs dogs

  • Building a network of fosters homes to place rescued dogs

  • Networking vulnerable dogs in need of rescue

  • Participation in rescue missions for neglected, unwanted, and
    “Craigslist free" dogs in need of rescue


All of our dogs are provided with medical care, spayed and neutered, and microchipped before being adopted out.

We need your support to continue our efforts. Check out our volunteer page to see how you can help!

Magic the Dog

Meet Magic, the Special Dog Who Started it All

Meet Magic! This wonderful tri-pawd was adopted by our founder Lauren in 2011 from the Cattaraugus County SPCA. Magic spent the first few years of his life chained to a tree. His previous owner kept him for about 8 years, and during that time, he was hit by a car and his leg was broken. Since he was not taken to the vet, by the time he was rescued by the SPCA, his leg could not be saved. Despite all he went through, Magic worked really hard to get used to life as a tri-pawd and he did great with only 3 legs.


Magic lived the life he was meant to live with Lauren and her husband Ben, and if you are reading this, then you can probably tell what a mark he left on her life, as this rescue was started in his name to honor his life. Magic crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2015 after a brave battle with cancer. Since then, Lauren and her family are committed to adopting and rescuing senior dogs through Magic's Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue.


Magic's Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

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