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Gus: From Filthy Pen to FORBES Magazine

In November 2018, Gus was seized from a horrific cruelty case. Though he was heartworm positive and terrified of men, he was not as emaciated as the other dogs. He hunted well and therefore he was fed more. A cruel reality from unscrupulous owners.

Gus Before Rescue

​Gus found himself in the best of hands when he landed his amazing foster mom, Michele. He got heartworm treatment. With patience and love, he learned that life and people could be good. He eventually found his forever home with a wonderful person he instantly bonded with.

This week, Gus landed himself in FORBES MAGAZINE!! We can't think of a better rags to riches outcome than filthy pen to Forbes magazine!

We are so so proud of Michele and Gus!

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