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Help Doc Beat Heartworm in 2022 UPDATE!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Update: As of January 2022 Doc has had more vital heartworm treatments, pushing his his medical bills to over $2000. We are not even close to covering this cost and are in great need of donations! Please consider donating and sharing on social media so we can continue rescuing dogs this year.

A Note from the Director: Thanks everyone for your donations and well wishes regarding Doc and his heartworm treatment. He returned to the vet today for his third injection and unfortunately he is not feeling well at all. His temp has dropped significantly and he has lost 6 lbs since his first injection one month ago. His vet is contacting the American Heartworm Society for further guidance and we are running a CBC and additional tests before a third injection.

Magic's Mission never shies away from a hound in need, and this winter we need your help!

Doc is a sweet young foxhound with a huge heart and endless love to give. He was rescued after being dumped in a kill shelter at no fault of his own. One of our generous fosters offered to take him in, and then we discovered that he was heartworm positive. Heartworm takes many months to treat and requires frequent trips to the vet.

Unfortunately the price tag for heartworm treatment is very high, and with several of our other rescue dogs needing medical care, Magic's Mission needs your help to be able to continue to afford this expensive care.

Despite all the hours of crate rest and monthly treatments at the vet, Doc is so happy and grateful that we were able to save his life. He still acts like a big goofy puppy and trips over his long legs when he walks. His amazing foster mom says that he is "very loving and gives the sweetest tiny kisses." Once he is clear of heartworm, Doc will be available for adoption, but we need your help to get him there!

Heartworm Treatment Estimate

Donate to Doc's heartworm treatment today to help this sweet boy beat heartworm and start his new life.

Your tax-deductible donations will go directly toward Doc's vet bills, and any remaining balance will pay for the vet care of other dogs in the rescue.

THANK YOU and Happy Holidays from Doc and the whole team at Magic's Mission!

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