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One Hundred Reasons You Should Adopt A Rescue Dog

Anyone who has adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue will tell you that rescue dogs have the biggest hearts. There is no animal more grateful and loving than one who has been pulled from the pits of despair into the warm arms of a forever family. Rescue dogs are unique- they have been places, seen things, and overcome tremendous adversity in their short lives. Despite a million reasons not to trust people, they do. They have lessons to teach us in forgiveness, trust, love, and what is truly important in life. They rescue us as much as we rescue them. And so we present to you: one hundred reasons you should adopt a rescue dog!

1. Since they have lived through some tough times, they are wise and can teach you a lot about what’s important in life.

2. Warm snuggles!

3. You're never lonely with a rescue dog in your life. They're there for you through it all- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

4. Rescue dogs have such wonderful personalities. They are smart, learn fast, and boy do they love you.

5. You'll always have someone excited to see you at the end of the day when you come home.

6. Their nose ‘art’ on your windows will improve the aesthetic of your car.

7. They will make you laugh with their goofy antics.

8. They will keep your feet warm on chilly winter nights.

9. You'll never have to clean food off the floor again- they'll do it for free!

10. You will have company on those lonely trips to the bathroom. They'll even guard the door.

11. Your dog will bravely protect you from the wind with their barking.

12. No children? No problem. You can show your friends, family, and co-workers the endless photos of your dog in your phone. Bonus points if they have their own social media account.

13. You can use him as an excuse to get out of just about any awkward situation. Bad date? Awkward neighbor encounter? Unbearable family gathering? Your dog has your back.

14. A reason to love working from home! They are the BEST coworkers.

15. Great excuse to get out of driving people places. "Sorry... I have dog hair in my car, I can't take you."

16. Running is more fun with a four legged friend by your side.

17. Rescue dogs are the best alarm clocks. They will wake up you at the same time everyday for breakfast. Best not be late!

18. You will meet so many great people when you are out with your dog.

19. You'll get more exercise and improve your physical health.

20. If you have a hound, you'll be serenaded all the time. Even Elvis was inspired by the sound of the hound- ain't nothing but a hound dog!

21. Never sleep alone.

22. Free 24/7 emotional support. Your rescue dog has had his share of heartbreak and will truly understand and care.

23. Rescue dogs make great travel buddies. Take him on car rides, check out a new hiking trail. Climb that mountain. He's always ready to go.

24. Teach your children love, compassion, and nurturing with a rescue dog in the home.

25. There is no better feeling than rescuing a dog from a bad situation and watching them blossom in your home and learn to trust people.

26. They'll show you and your family how to overcome tremendous adversity. All it takes is patience, love, support, and lots of treats.

28. You can dress them up and have fun with them.

29. They're great conversation starters.

30. They love you more than they love themselves.

31. They’ll always be there to greet you with a tail wag and a wet kiss.

32. They won’t argue with you over what TV show to watch, and they wont steal the remote (though they might check to see if its crunchy).

33. They'll always take your side in an argument.

34. They're fiercely loyal and will protect you with everything they have.

35. You can teach them all kinds of new tricks. Even old dogs.

36. You'll become part of an awesome rescue community.

37. Mixed breed rescue dogs are like snowflakes: beautiful, unique, and one-of-a-kind.

38. You'll have someone new to spoil.

39. You're fighting back against unethical breeding (puppy mills and backyard breeders).

40. You're making space for another dog's life to be saved.

41. Two words: Unconditional love.

42. You'll always have someone who wants to hang out with you.

43. Life will never be boring.

44. They open the door for trying fun new things, like agility and scentwork.

45. They'll teach you how to slow down and smell the roses (or grass, trees, mailboxes...).

46. They'll make you so proud when they learn something new.

47. Doggy playdates!

48. They're much less expensive than buying from a breeder, because they aren't commodities used to make profit.

49. Many rescue dogs are purebreds! 25% in shelters are purebred dogs.

50. You can adopt a rescue dog at any stage of life- from puppies to seniors and anywhere in between.

51. You're helping break the cycle of pet overpopulation.

52. You're supporting a meaningful charity or nonprofit.

53. You'll be saving a life. Far too many dogs are euthanized in shelters simply for lack of space. Help stop the cycle!

54. Your adoption donation helps the shelter or rescue save even more lives. When you adopt a rescue, the foster now has space to take in a new dog.

55. Rescue dogs are good for your health. Petting dogs has been proven to lower blood pressure.

56. Reduce stress levels by relaxing with your dog.

57. You'll influence others to adopt and save more lives.

58. You'll reduce the suffering in the world. Even one life saved matters!

59. Many adult rescue dogs are already housebroken and have some training.

60. Rescues cover the dog's spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccinations and microchipping prior to adoption. You're getting the full package!

61. You often have the option of foster-to-adopt. This means you can take the animal home as a foster and see how he settles in with your family before making a full adoption commitment.

62. Rescue dogs are the most grateful creatures you'll ever meet. You might be the first stable home they've ever had.

64. Training is fun! Not only will your dog learn good behavior, but you'll enjoy learning how to better communicate with your new furry friend.

65. You'll enjoy an unbreakable bond like no other.

66. There's a huge variety of rescue dogs, so you'll always be able to find the perfect dog for you.

67. Mixed breed dogs have more genetic variation, and are therefore less susceptible to genetic health problems that are common in many purebreds. 75% of rescue dogs are mutts.

68. Rescues and shelters provide ongoing resources and support to help you during the adjustment period and long after.

69. You'll connect to your community and meet your neighbors.

70. They will elevate your mood and are overall good for your mental health.

71. They'll give you a reason to go on more adventures. It's fun to bring the dog!

72. You'll always have a funny story to tell about your dog.

73. They'll give your life more meaning and a whole new purpose.

74. Because their lives are so short, you'll learn to treasure each day.

75. Selfies are better with a dog in them.

76. Spruce up your dating profile- add your dog. It will make you more likeable.

77. They help you develop your emotional intelligence.

78. It's a mitzvah (good deed).

79. Live longer! Studies have shown that people who own dogs are less likely to die prematurely.

80. Dogs help you combat anxiety and depression.

81. They can become service dogs and help owners with disabilities.

82. They can become emotional support animals and support owners with mental illness.

83. There is a rescue dog for every different kind of environment, from city dogs to country dogs.

84. Petting a dog releases oxytocin for both humans and owners, and will make you both feel relaxed and happy. Perfect after a stressful day at work!

85. Dogs help you develop a routine and bring order to your life.

86. They help you build healthy relationships and friendships.

87. They encourage you to take care of yourself so you can care for them.

88. Adoption is a great way to test your parenting skills without the responsibility of a human baby.

89. Adopting a dog that has been in a foster home gives you the opportunity to learn about the dog from its foster, and the dog has already had time to figure out how to live in a house.

90. Mixed breed dogs tend to be more easygoing because they are not bred for a specific sport or activity. For example, you can find a rescue mutt with the stamina of a hound, the friendly nature of a lab, and the playfulness of a poodle, without the narrow drive of a purebred terrier or sporting breed.

91. They will alert you to intruders in the home and scare away the bad guys.

92. For what they've been through, rescue dogs are amazingly forgiving. They will never hold a grudge.

93. They'll love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

94. They'll expose you to the worst, but also the best of humanity.

95. "The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too." -Samuel Butler

96. They'll stay by your side when you're at your lowest, and cheer you on when you're at your best.

97. They'll be there for your when you're sick.

98. They'll make you a more compassionate human being.

99. They'll teach you to appreciate the little things. A nap. A walk. A scratch behind the ear.

100. They'll be your very best friend for life and never let you down.

Did we leave anything out? Comment below to tell us why you love your rescue dog!

This list was compiled by the wonderful volunteers and adopters in the Magic's Mission community, and inspired by the rescue dogs who love them.

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