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This is the story of Petey and Berry, two homeless dogs who are looking for a Christmas miracle: a home together for the holidays.

Several months ago, Magic's Mission pulled a sweet black and tan Catahoula mix named Petey from Horry County, South Carolina. We treated his heartworm and placed him in a foster home with one of our wonderful fosters. Unfortunately, the foster was not a good fit for Petey, and after one more failed foster and then vet boarding, we struggled to figure out what exactly he needed to become the happy, well-adjusted dog we knew he could be.

We tried once more, and placed him in yet another foster home with a female foster dog named Berry. Berry and Petey quickly became inseparable. Finally, after all the months of bouncing around, Petey was happy for the first time! They did everything together; it was clear that Berry was the what Petey needed to thrive in foster.

All was well until Berry and Petey escaped their foster's yard one night and were picked up by animal control. Unfortunately this incident turned Petey's world upside down yet again. Both he and Berry are now under threat where they are staying and need to leave right away.

This is where YOU CAN HELP!

We are URGENTLY looking for a foster home that will take in both Petey and Berry until they are able to be adopted. We can't bear to separate them- Berry is Petey's whole world. With no foster currently available, both Petey and Berry will have to go to boarding, which is no place for a dog this time of year. Fosters will be considered all along the east coast, from Georgia up through New York state, where MMBHR is based.

Long-term boarding is very expensive, and with several present medical cases, our funds are draining fast. We are forced to close intake while we focus our existing funds on treating and adopting out the dogs presently in our care. Finding a foster home for one dog is hard, and for two bonded dogs it is exponentially harder. Please consider donating to the cost of both Petey and Berry's boarding expenses while we work hard to find them a foster home. It would be a miracle if they found one for Christmas!

Petey: Male, neutered, black & tan Catahoula mix, good with other dogs, no cats

Berry: Female, spayed, black Lab/Staffy mix, good with other dogs, no cats

If you are interested in fostering these two sweet dogs, please fill out a foster application. You can also send a message to the rescue to let us know to look out for it. Thank you so much!

In November 2018, Gus was seized from a horrific cruelty case. Though he was heartworm positive and terrified of men, he was not as emaciated as the other dogs. He hunted well and therefore he was fed more. A cruel reality from unscrupulous owners.

Gus Before Rescue

​Gus found himself in the best of hands when he landed his amazing foster mom, Michele. He got heartworm treatment. With patience and love, he learned that life and people could be good. He eventually found his forever home with a wonderful person he instantly bonded with.

This week, Gus landed himself in FORBES MAGAZINE!! We can't think of a better rags to riches outcome than filthy pen to Forbes magazine!

We are so so proud of Michele and Gus!

Had it not been for her intuitive rescue pup, Lauren Gauthier, founder of Magic's Mission, may have never gone to the doctor.

“I am so thankful for Victoria. She and I have always had a close bond and she senses when I’m upset or stressed; I had no idea she’d be able to detect that I had cancer lurking underneath my skin,” Gauthier said. “What is particularly rewarding is that I adopted her through the rescue that I founded, and devote much of my life to saving hounds who have been abused or neglected. It seems Victoria and her keen skills are the way that the hounds decided to give back to me.”

She is now warning teens and adults alike to stay away from the tanning bed where she thinks the skin cancer may have stemmed from.

“My advice for teenagers and others considering tanning bed use is – don’t. There are many other options available, like spray tans, to help improve cosmetic appearance,” she said. “The cost and the damage you do to your skin is way too high, and even though growing older seems a world away, once you are older, you will pay a price for tans and tanning beds.”

Gauthier would also like to let everyone know that while her surgery has altered her appearance, she is feeling better every day.

“You will heal,” she said.

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